Monday, March 19, 2012

Seaman Happenings

Javier, our nephew and his beautiful fiance visited us on his short trip home. It was great seeing him and his pictures from his trips around the world!

They love to stir food when I'm cooking. 

and Raquel loves to wear all her necklaces and bracelets and wear her sister's sun glasses. 

Spring time came in way early this year and as far as anyone is concerned no one is complaining about the warm weather and the rain we have recieved.

A true gardener in the making. Sofia does not mind getting dirty. In fact, she decided to build dirt castles for the "little dirt people." 

Not Raquel! She doesn't like to get dirty one bit. So she decided to follow her daddy and ask the same question one hundred times. "What you doing Daddy?" Of course, we thought it was cute. 

"What you doing Daddy?" - 30th time.

"What you doing Daddy?" - 84th time.

In the meantime, Sofia continued on making her dirt castles. 

"What you doing Daddy?" 100th time. 

Then Sofia found a shell like thingy while building her dirt castles. 

I will show Raquel how to make Jewerly early on so that I will keep her busy.

Sofia loves to build as well. She's very proud.

John showed them how to plant a seed. They have been thrilled to see the seeds grow. 

Supper time for the dolls!

While I was busy in the kitchen the next minute, my living room had turned into a camping ground.

Letter of the Day: R!

and they keep stirring away! 

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