Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have to share this story because not only did it make me laugh but the parent of this child should go back to school himself and get new screws on his head. Really. What is happening with parents allowing this to happen?. It all comes down to what we teach our children. In this case, I would not trust or do business with this parent. He should be ashmed not sue. He's an idiot and deserves an F for parenting.


Dad sues school district after son is punished for cheating

​A father is suing his son's Northern California school district for throwing the boy out of an honors English class after he was caught cheating. The sophomore at Sequoia High School in Redwood City copied someone else's essay, which aside from being just plain wrong, also goes against the "honesty pledge" students sign at the beginning of the class, making it explicitly clear that any cheating will result in expulsion from honors courses. Clear cut, right? Well, the dad is pointing out a conflicting school policy that says students won't be punished for cheating until the second time they're caught. Um, can the second incidence of cheating be this dad trying to cheat the school system and bend the rules for his kid?

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