Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Three Musketeers

When I first read reviews on this movie I was disappointed even though the previews for this movie looked amazing but they only show you the good parts of the movie, which in this case, are few. The rest is awful down to Orlando Bloom. Nothing made sense and even the good actors in this movie looked awful in a not so funny, clever movie. They fought with swords Ala Matrix. Why not keep fighting to the period? What a waste! I haven't yet seen a Musketeer movie I liked. Don't waste your time buying/renting it.

1 Star for the custom clothes.

Movie: Shrek the Third

Dull and boring. John even felt asleep. Shrek doesn't want to be King and looks for the next heir to replace him. All Shrek wants to do is go back home to his swamp and be a Ogre. But, Alas! Prince Charming returns for vengeance and this time he takes control of the castle and the crown. There are a few jokes but I was not impressed with this one. There is a fourth Shrek movie...I'll watch it when there isn't anything else to watch.

2 Stars.

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