Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Weekend

This Weekend we decided to stay inside away from the cold temperatures, it was 30 degrees outside, we did manage to go to Sam's and get my prescription and get some pizza, didn't eat my fave 4 berry sundae because it was too cold outside, this was the excuse I gave myself to stop me from getting me one. This weekend, I also finished a tooth Softie for Sofia, in honor of her first tooth, It has not come out yet, but to honor the first one whenever it decides to show up, I made her one. The fabric is pretty stretchy so the tooth I made actually looks like an octupus, but I finished it! darn it! even if its butt ugly and doesn't look like a tooth it is finish.

We also managed to watch two movies (from Netflix) Run, Fat boy, Run and Death at a Funeral. They are both English movies, and even though they sound so cool when they speak, I need to have subtitles so that I can comprehend what they are saying. You know what I mean, Mate! They are pretty funny and I'm not much into comedy, they are both independent movies so, I give them both a 4.5 out of 5.

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