Thursday, January 1, 2009

John's Resolutions

Here's to another year of setting resolutions. Resolutions have become sort of a Tradition, and it gets alot of Hype from the media, but on a personal level regardless of what it is or where it came from, it is a good thing. On a positive note it could be a good time to sort of take a inventory of your life and be honest and recognize what areas your could improve on. So I say why not? So without further adieu...

1. Get in shape... and yes round is a shape, but I actuallly want to stay physically active for at least 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week. That includes Jogging, and lifting weights.
Incidentally, I would like to run a half next year. God willing. The benefits: I know I'm taking care of this vessel God gave me, I stay healthy so I can be around for those who love me, promotes a good self image (lets face it if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin you won't be effective at reaching out to others), and I set an example to my child on how to take care of yourself.

2. Read Bible Daily- Benefits: I will have a better understanding of the Word, have more courage sharing my faith, get insights on how to be more loving, and gain wisdom.

3. Be more Loving- Practice daily, being uplifting instead of critical, understanding instead of judgemental, listen instead of protecting myself (defensiveness and pride), tell the truth in love (lets face it: we are not doing any favors by trying to keep the peace and not point out what we know is behavior that is destructive or hurting others..this takes courage), be an encourager instead of a discourager, and give more of my time (big one...cause I know I can be selfish in this area)

4. Be more disciplined- Daily- create good eating habits, drink more water, excercise habits, and good work habits (clean office, neat appearance, and good language).

5. Be more Balanced- as often as possible- Making time for God ( reading, praying, titheing, and fellowship), making time for the family/spouse time/ and baby time ( less time at work... I know sounds contradictory, but its not),seeking knowledge, house work ( so it does not build up and kill the balance, which incidentally kills my procrastination habit), and me time (recharge my personal batteries with things I enjoy... in moderation of course).

All the while trying not to take myself to seriously ( I still gotta be goofy) and being content with what I do have. Of course if I complete all these things this year I will be perfect............

I think I will keep this one again for next year...just in case I fall short...

Happy New Year!!

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