Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Things About Me Today

1. I fear flying therefore, everytime I travel I stress out including vacation travel, I do get excited to travel to a new exciting place besides, Kansas City (work related). I do fall asleep but turbulence can get pretty rough at times.

2. I love rain but I don't like it when it rains when is bitterly cold and windy. I find it depressing actually, mostly in January after attending parties, opening gifts and spending time with family to absolutely nothing to do in January. What a lonely month with no exciting holidays to celebrate. Yuck.

3. I'm running once again after taking a two month hiatus and I do show the hiatus right in my belly. I have promise myself not to overeat during the months of November and December; I will behave and resist eating everything that comes in front of me.

4. I cut my hair pretty sure and I have gotten tons of compliments about it and I have cut down by 15 minutes my prep time every morning; but since my brother is getting married this June, I will let it grow so that I may show really pretty in the wedding pictures!

5. Downton Abbey is back! and John is hooked and I'm happy he also finds it fascinating like I do, we can now talk about it for hours (not really)! I love classical drama full of twists, love triangles and most of all English charm!

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