Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stuff I Forgot to Post

I have had a pretty busy time off from work and between prepping for Christmas, New Years, Sofia and Raquel getting sick, shopping, etc, etc, etc., I missed posting events in our crazy little world.

We baked tons of cookies for Christmas and we, including me, ate them all! Sofia was really into it...

Raquel was only interested in eating the frosting.

We also visited Santa's Village in Richardson. We missed out on Santa but Sofia and Raquel didn't seem to mind.

They are into Gingerman cookies so much Raquel wanted to pose "by" them not "away" from them.  

I love the way Sofia looks in this picture! 

I couldn't take one solo of Raquel since she can't stand in one place for too long. 

Anthony, my nephew, posing as a pirate of some sort.

After toasting in the New Year, Sofia's and Raquel's New Years Resolution was to start walking in 4" heels.

They succedeed!

I'm not going to say who has two left feet; I'm sure anyone can tell..

David did improve on his second try!

Anthony loved it!

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