Friday, July 13, 2012

Goal-Line Technology for Soccer Fans

Well, it was about due that FIFA finally decided to approve the Goal-Line technology.

"The technology needed to be addressed in a big way and it needed to be a part of the game, and finally FIFA decided to do that," said Fernando Clavijo, technical director for FC Dallas.

FIFA will have sensors inside the ball that will alert officials when the ball crosses the plain of the goal. That alert is sent one second later on a wrist watch worn by the officials.

As a futbol (soccer fan) only when the USA is playing or during the World Cup. I do not want the European league, truly as a busy mom and wife who has time! At any rate, I'm beyond excited FIFA has moved from prehistoric time refereeing because they have made so many mistakes in the past by calling off goals that clearly, via playback, have gone in but they have resisted on even watching the damn screen on the stadium every fan watches to see the ball did go past the line!!!

It looks like the  MLS League will start using the technology next season. That's actually great! I hope the sensors work without any glitches.

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