Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Day In The Life of a Seaman

One minute they were putting the dolls to sleep, next there was no space for her so Raquel decided to find space on the couch. Clever.

Watch me! I can do this all by myself!

Tada! Look, no hands!

Confidence is shown by a balancing a beach ball. what....

All of a sudden, there was silence so I looked for the noise maker in the house and I found she climbed Raquel's crib and made herself comfortable. 

She was making baby noises.

High five!

There are times they like to help me clean.

Buckets with water on my wooden floor. At least, they are showing the motivation to clean. I can't argue with that!

My Precious Billy. I love you.

I think this is Lenny. 

Coco Beware! My tomboy!

I love you too, Billy Willy!

A meeting to discuss who's taking the most beatings!

Mi Trompita! 

They've settled it. Occupy the Couch!

They enjoyed the Circus so much, they dressed like clowns.

If its raining outside, there is an immediate reaction to test the umbrellas!

 My Sweet Little Girl!

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