Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance Dope Armstrong

I remember the time when I cheated on my Algebra test and was caught red handed. The feeling was awful. "I thought were better than this!" said my teacher with a face of disgust and utter and disappointment which I would never forget. Since that day on, I learned cheating doesn't get you anything but stripped of your character and live with the shame and only to pick up the pieces and learn not to ever do it again.

Lance Armstrong, you may deny you never doped which leads me to say that you will never learn your lesson to live an honest life. I'm glad they took away your titles, you don't deserved. You cheated! You may be doing good deeds with your charity work but you cheated your way and lied to everyone. Thank goodness, I never counted you as my idol, in fact, there is no sports figure that I count as my idol...however, there are a few sports figure that I would LOVE to take a picture with:

1. Pele
2. Troy Aikman
3. Emmitt Smith

If any of the above people doped in the past or cheated in any way, form or shape they would drop off my list like a dead fly!


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