Friday, August 24, 2012

Five for Friday - Statehood

In honor of Hawaii's Statehood fifty-three years ago this August:

1. Hawaii’s nickname is the Aloha State. If your neighborhood were to be admitted as the fifty-first state, what would be its nickname?

Lone Star Neighborhood. (I know, lame.)

2. What do you own fifty of?

Quarters. I like to save quarters.

3. What’s the nicest beach you’ve been to?

A toss up between Cancun and Oahu, with the only difference Cancun has less jellyfish.

4. A pizza with ham and pineapple is often called a Hawaiian pizza (something that annoys many of us who live here and can’t stand that flavor combination). If you live in Hawaii, what should rightfully be called a Hawaiian pizza, and if you live elsewhere, what would go on the pizza named after your area?

Since I'm married to a Hawaiian native born, I would say a Hawaiian pizza should have Spam!

5. What mental and emotional states do you hope to attain this weekend?

Healthy state from my cold.

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