Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Garden bares its first crop!

The first crop is here and first we have radish and cilantro! Too bad John and I don't like radishe's but my mom loves them so she's very happy. We are making mexican tacos tomorrow for dinner and eating our home grown cilantro. Yummy!

John's garden is really growing pretty good. I can't wait for the cantaloupes, I remember one year we had so many we were given them away.
Here's the Radish. All ready to be eaten by mom only.
The radishe's were planted end of February. John says Radishes are very good to teach children how to garden because they grow pretty fast.

She was impressed...with the mud.

Right behind John is our apple tree. It was bigger than this but we had a powerful storm about 5 years ago right after we moved in to our house and the tree was blown almost to the root. Well, John, The Green Thumb Master, was not going to let it just die away and look it now, it has taken awhile to grow back but we had green apples last year and they were not bad at all!

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