Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Morning Sickness Part Deux!

I'm not having fun right now. I'm not having fun eating anything right now knowing that it will just come back out, the good thing this time around is that I'm only puking half the food I eat. Puking is very hard when I'm at work, if there is no one in the bathroom, I dive into the toilet, but when there are people is so embarrasing! Sometimes, I wait and hold it but is painful. Right now no food sounds appealing to me, in fact i'm clueless and I struggle to find what is not going to hurt my throat when it comes out.
Like I have said, I have tried everything the first time around to stop the puking and nothing worked. So, I have been recommend (by Jo) this tea call, "Organic Raspberry Leaf" to help me with the puking, good thing is caffeine free. So, I tried it today and even though i'm skeptical whether it will ease it or not, is worth trying anything right now, however, when I first smell the tea it brought me back to my childhood. (my childhood was the best part of my life)
My grandmother used to work for this Americans back home in this very nice town, she used to be the maid and their house was a bed and breakfast, I loved the house. At any rate, sometimes when there was anything left over to eat my grandma used to give me some tea and she used to pour sugar just to make it a little sweeter. Well, this tea that I tried today smelled just like the one my grandmother used to give me, so I hope this is a good sign. I will update soon.
God Bless, - Sandra.

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