Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, February 13th

I hate it when the computer port doesn't work, I can't download my pictures!. Luckily there is another that saved the day. So, here we go again! Starting with Sofia's birthday, Friday, February 13th. Sofia got up to find her first birthday present from Abuelita (Itanea)
Then we headed to take her 1st year portraits. After the pictures she needed a break from all that smiling and posing. Then, we head out to lunch with Auntie Wendy and soon to be godmother (comadre). She took us to the ultimate restaurant. Lubby's.
By 2:30 that afternoon we were at Sofia's doctor's appointment for her annual checkup and shots. Not fun at all! Here she is playing before we went in to see Dr. Potter.
Here is her pediatrician right after her physical examination and right before her shots.
After the visit she was hungry so we headed out back to the house for her meal time and some relax time before going back out again for Maggie's baptism. But to our suprise Auntie Yesenia came in and brought Sofia her first rocker pony! It is amazing! Sofia can get off it, but not on it yet.
Below are some pics from Maggie's baptism at St. Paul Catholic Church.
The End.

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