Monday, February 2, 2009

Plano Pacer's Run

I ran another 5K this past weekend all by my lonely self, I haven't done this by myself in along time. John isn't running with me...yet. We had a pretty brisk morning but a pretty large crowd turnout at the race, 205 people turned out. There was no free t-shirt, but I only paid $5 for this race and you can't beat that!. I have never ran this race before and I don't know why, because this race is so close to my house, I left at 7:15 and was parking at 7:25pm. Is right on 16th street right behind Outback Steakhouse on 15th.

We started running the race at 8am, I was passing all these people, then I noticed that there was this lady with lots of grey hair running a good distance in front of me that I couldn't catch. Then, it hit me! I'm getting beaten by a senior citizen lady! Not so fast! I was able to pass her after the 2 mile mark. After that she was right behind me, she was actually trying to keep up with me. So, after the race, I went up to her and congratulated her on a good run and she did the same to me and said that being 65 is getting harder for her. 65!!!!! dang! I had a hard time catching up to a 65 year old senior citizen! ugh...I need to train more, eat better, do more abs...

But the good news is that I bettered my time!!! Speed class is working!!! I came in first in my age group!! finally!! I broke my last weeks record. mind you, there were only 3 people running in my age group, but I came in first!!! I waited to get my cheap trophy but they were taking too long and I needed to get back home so, hopefully next time, I will be able to get my long awaited trophy!

Just remember: Dreams take work! I did it!

AGE Group 35-39: Sandra Seaman 29:37
Stacy Kimbriel 33:01
Irene Lefan 35:51

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