Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday, February 15th - THE PARTY!!!

All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you! gracias, gracias, gracias! To everyone who came and celebrated with us Sofia's 1st Birthday party! It was awesome! God blessed us with a beautiful sunny day in February!!
We had my Mother-n-Law prepare her outstanding Soy Chicken, with John's fabulous Bake Beans filled with bacon, and his famous potato salad and for the kiddos we had tuna salad sandwhiches and to sing happy birthday we ate Banana Chocolate Chip cake that everyone just loved!
We waited for everyone to arrive to start the games! We started with the Sack Race.

But very soon we had the adults take a go at it!! it was hilarious. Watch the end of the video, Phillip takes a last leap to get the W from Guy!

The second game was the Three legged race. On this race no adults participated. Afterwards, it was PINATA TIME!!!

Mommy, I'd like to hit the pinata, but I haven't developed arm strenght as of yet....
The kiddos hit the pinata first, then the adults finished it off!

Below is Ziera doing some collateral damage!
Below are the kids gathering the candy off the floor. Notice the pinata is already missing a leg!

Below is John's brother Guy doing more damage!

and finally John doing his part.
Now, I saw Hollis hitting the pinata as well and I saw a glimpse of it and it was hilarious. I will try to get that video footage for all to see!
**The birthday girl and the cake!**
This is the cake that had everyone saying, wow!!

The one below it was only for Sofia's enjoyment.

Happy Birthday to you!
We helped her out just a bit to blow off the one candle on her special cake.

Sofia after taking a bite on her cake. She's pondering on the flavor.

Everyone had left so to finish off the party Seaman style! Check out the breakdancing by Javier Chacon and Guy Seaman. Oh and the attempt of John Seaman as well.


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