Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is Barbie Good or Bad for Girls?

West Virginia state lawmaker Jeff Eldridge has proposed a bill that would ban sales of the busty Mattel doll. “I just hate the image that we give to our kids that if you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful and you don’t have to be smart,” Eldridge told West Virginia Media. “I’d like to send a message to not only our children but parents and educators that let’s push education over the importance of beauty.”

I never liked barbie when I was little. I always preferred a rag doll, or just a simple doll. Barbie was too fragile for me. I needed a doll who could stand me, most importantly, I couldn't make clothes for Barbie, she was a skinny bitch back then and still is for that matter and the clothes that I made my dolls needed to be a little bigger in size (and no, I wasn't fat myself, they call me the walking toothpick at school) Besides I have always found Barbie too dull for my taste. OH! and my dolls didn't have breasts like Barbie did and for some reason I never liked it. It was hard to makes clothes to fit those two bumpy things.

I don't care if they banned the doll or not, I think lawmakers have better things to worry about than what a 50 year old doll looks like. I think it should be left to a parent to decide what one's children should play with or not.

Therefore, in my house, Sofia will not get a Barbie, besides I don't approve of a doll having a boyfriend doll!


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