Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cowboys Win...barely

I hate complaining about the same subject week after week. However, there is really no reason why the Cowboys needed to go into overtime to beat a team who was 0-4. We should have dominated this game from start to finish but who are we kidding, right! There were so many penalties against us that our team is pretty much a joke and an embarrassment to the entire State of Texas. So what if we won this game, we looked worse than KC Chiefs. They had nothing to loose and we, pretty much, everything to loose.

This team is mentally not in their game every week. Thankfully, next week we have a bye week. I'm glad. They stress me out with their lack of toughness and participation in every game. My baby and I don't need that.

After our bye week, we face off with the Falcons on Oct. 25th. I'm not sure whether or not, I'll be around to watch this game, if so, I may probably be sleep deprived. The Falcons are currently 3-1 right now. Until then, we will be watching more exciting games than watching the cowgirls, like Giants vs. Saints next week.

Until October 25th. -Sandra.


D.Richmond said...

This made me laugh - you're too funny!

John, Sandra and Sofia Seaman said...

I'm trying to stay positive!!! but it's hard!!! -Sandra.