Friday, October 2, 2009

Sofia's Toy Box

So, yesterday, I went to Target during my lunch break to shop for a few things I needed and while walking through the aisles I saw these beautiful pink ottomans and I thought, "gosh, those are so cute! I bet they are expensive though." So, I stopped and admired what I couldn't for sure afford and then I saw a clearance tag on the shelf. So, that peaked my interest, but I still though that even if they were on sale, they could still be too expensive for me to get. I looked at the tag and BANG! $4.99!!!! EACH!!!! No way!! I looked again to make sure. Original price was $20 bucks.

We have been looking desperately to get Sofia a toy box to store her toys that have been stored inside her playpen. I have been looking for weeks through Craigslist for quiet sometime with nothing that I like. So, I looked at these Ottomans very carefully and I thought that these could well serve as storage for her toys. Why not! So, I grabbed three.

My mom loved them so much, we are going back today and she's getting herself a couple of these as well to store her jewelry making stuff.
I divided her toys in three sections. Books, stuffed animals and miscellaneous toys. Got them out of the playpen and placed these ottomans in her room where all her toys belong. So, starting today, she will learn to put her toys in these three ottomans before she goes to sleep. It will take every day practice and definitely some tantrums before Sofia gets used to picking up her toys but our key to discipline is consistency, so far it has worked. Much like brushing her teeth everyday, she's fights sometimes but the idea is starting to set in.

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