Sunday, October 4, 2009

Romo just doesn't have it

Another loss for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo just doesn't have the mental strengh to chew it all. I say he should be benched. John says he and the coach should be fired. After three years of becoming our starting quarterback, he still plays like a rookie, fumbles like a rookie, intercepts like a rookie. Romo said that he doesn't let criticism get to him. Whatever! -Sandra.

Next: Chiefs (0-4) hmm...there shouldn't be any doubt that we "should" win against KC Chiefs, but since the Cowboys are not riding on the high confidence train, I will just say Romo will loose this one as well.


D.Richmond said...

As I watched part of the game, I said to my husband that I knew you would have something to say about Romo after that performance.

My husband and I will be at the Dallas vs Packer game in November. I hope Romo is still the QB and still playing poorly. No offense.

John, Sandra and Sofia Seaman said...

ugh!!! well, I just hope by then Romo wakes up and starts playing instead of giving us excuses...and by the way, I really, really enjoyed watching Favre and the Vikings doing damage last night against the Packers. Very exciting game and my husband and I were rooting for the vikings! I can't wait to see the second game between these two! -Sandra.