Monday, October 26, 2009

Miles Austin is DA MAN!

Where have you been dude! Ok, I'm still not in the Romo bandwagon just yet, but it was refreshing to see connection between these two guys and it was suprising to see Romo actually throwing the ball for more than 5 yards and made no interceptions. I have to say, we did get worry the first 8 minutes of the first quarter when our defense just couldn't stop the Falcons and allowed them 16 plays for their first touchdown.
But everything turned around and we were not yelling at the T.V. But I was dissapointed at the fact that Favre did loose to the Steelers. I love the Steelers, but it would have been good to see Favre win that one. However, the big game to watch next weekend is the cheese heads against the mighty Favre.
I just hope, I haven't delivered yet...I will hate to miss this game.
NEXT: Seahawks (2-4) again, we SHOULD win this one. If Romo can keep the same game, that would make things alot better in Big D. -Sandra.

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