Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life Decisions

There are times in ones life when one has to make a tough decision. I was faced today with making a life changing decision sooner than later; this decision will have its negatives and positives, however, my heart tells me that the positives outweigh the negatives.

I have been crying for the longest time, I will say since Sofia was born and now that decision has to be made. I spoke to John about it and he supports me, of course he would have liked for me to make that decision later than sooner but he would rather have a happy wife now than later.

I have been praying about this and I will have to be brave and take a leap of faith and trust fully in God and only depend on him for everything.

I know someone who reads this blog, is making a tough decision about homeschooling her kids, I want to tell you that I know your fear, I totally understand it. I know that fear can hold us back but we can't let fear drive us, but let Him drive us instead. I know it is easier said than done. I know that overtime this decision will benefit everyone in my family, and I'm sure all of us will be happier. I will post what that decision is next week, just in case anyone still bothers to read our family blog.

All I ask is for prayers.

Love, Sandra.


D.Richmond said...


Thank you! I believe that God sometimes speaks to us through other people. I believe God spoke to me today through you.

The closer we get to making our decision, the more afraid I have been. I was reading through my prayer journal from the past two weeks and something startling popped out at me. I noticed a trend of trouble, distractions, and fears that unknowingly were tying up my energy and taking away my focus.

As I was suppose to be seeking God's plan and trying to hear his will, I was too busy defending attacks from all sorts of places and seeking comfort to get through the day.

As I reviewed what had been going on, it became very clear to me that Satan was attacking. Satan was trying to tie up my energy, set doubt in, distract me, drive a wedge in my relationships; basically anything to prevent me from moving forward.

I believe Satan is upset by what we may do and he is launching a full attack to prevent it. This tells me more than anything that this is probably the right thing to do. Satan must know the impact this will have for God, for my children, for us, and for the world around us if he is so intent on preventing it from happening.

So, along with that revelation and your words this morning, I believe I know what to do. In fact, I ordered the diagonstic testing this morning from Alpha Omega to evaluate my daughter's grade level for the home schooling curriculum. Should be here in a week or so!

I suspect I know what decision you are trying to make. If so, I've been there, too. My advice to you is just what I've learned this week.

1. Satan will attack so be prepared! Keeping a journal may help you to see the attacks. Pray your way through it - God is good and will fight for you!

2. Faith is spelled R-I-S-K!

I will pray for you and your family. I will pray for clarity, for understanding, wisdom, unity, and faith that can move mountains! God be with you!

The Seaman's said...

Thank you for your wisdom. I need to hear wise words from wise christian sisters like yourself.

I like number 2. Faith is spelled Risk. I will always remember that.

Your light shines all the way to Texas! God bless you.