Wednesday, May 2, 2012

End of the Stick Shift?

My heart broke when I read on the news today that the car manufacturers are making less and less with the manual transmission I so adore.

I drove stick shift for more than 15 years until recently, I was forced, FORCED  to give up my stick shift car for an SUV which doesn't come with manual transmission. BUT, that is only in the United States. Outside of this great land we call America, everybody else still drives and loves their stick shift. I've told John that once we pay off our SUV, I am going back to the manual transmission.

I have to say that when I used to shop for stick shifts car sales man looked at me weird. It's men who usually want them not women. Well, I'm a different type of woman. Yes, indeed.

But unfortuntaley, It seems sore left legs are becoming less and less every year.

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