Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Things About Me Today

1. I love wearing heels. But I hate wearing heels that give me blisters! How to know which shoes not give you blisters is beyond me. For the last three months, I have been suffering from this aftermath.

2. I worked at my first Wine Gala event this past Saturday night, this the reason why I had blisters, I suppose. At any rate, Everyone tells me it was better than last year, even though if you work on event, one doesn't realize how bad or how great the event is going until is over. We received rave reviews. I brought tons of wine bottles home with me. I have decided on not volunteering next year, unless I'm begged.

3. John and I had our Retrouvaille post session this Saturday and we had a full room of couples, which is great. However, it pains me to see when only one spouse is able to make it.

4. I'm trying to cut down on my coffee intake to two days a week. It is hard when John makes coffee on the weekends and I must practice restrain. sucks.

5. I need to research on how Chihuahua's mate because Molley and Billy don't seem to get it right. They seem close but then the window of opportunity closes and we must wait until it happens again.


Amanda Borenstadt said...

I admire you for wearing heels at all. I just won't. They hurt and I can't walk in them without falling over. LOL

That must be so sad when only one spouse in the Retrouvaille post session shows up. Oh wow, not a good sign. :(

The Seaman's said...

well, the spouse who shows up usually looks out of place and uncomfortable and they will give you an excuse why the other is not here. We never ask them, they just give it to us.

The Seaman's said...

About the heels, I love comfortable heels not the stripper looking heels, I think they are tasteless.