Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Favorite Things this Month - February

1. Broccoli Egg Breakfast. When I'm sitting in a Dr's lobby, I browse through the magazines (usually home and garden not gossip.) and look for recipes to rip and take home with me. John gives me a hard time every time he's with me. I tell him, I'm not ashamed for taking them, besides if I don't someone else will and if I don't, they'll just throw the magazines away taking with them amazing recipes. So, I found this one and I gave it to John to make over breakfast and walla! Alright, no surprise if you, reading this, eats broccoli for breakfast but we never did before. It was amazing! We couldn't stop talking about it the entire weekend.

2. I Survive...Beyond and Back. This is a TV show, I can't recall which channel but it is stories told by people who have had a Near Death experience. Let's just say that there hasn't been an episode yet, we haven't cried. Heaven and Hell are very real. Everyone who has had a NDE have change their lives dramatically. They are no longer the same person they were before and not afraid of dying in fact they can't wait to die.

3. Sneaky Chef. John took out this book to get more ideas to change our daughters menu and I have to say that it is pretty good. The only negative thing is that you have to prep a lot before you start cooking. I'm into shortcuts when I cook, John enjoys spending his weekends in the kitchen but overall it has great recipes! Our girls enjoyed every single thing we cooked out of this book.

4. Poppy Seed Dressing. I love this dressing! It has become my favorite after Honey Mustard. I have Poppy dressing with Lettuce, Strawberries, blueberries, cheese and croutons and walla. This dressing rocks!

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