Monday, February 20, 2012

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Help

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important". This movie is set during the 1960's civil right movement era, in a Mississippi town where having a black maid was the norm, treating them like second class citizens was how they treated African American citizens. The South could not let go of their prejudices and allowed this racist behavior to continue. This movie is about a young white woman inspiring to become a writer and to do so, she had to find a provocative subject to write about therefore she sought out the help from the black maids to talk about their experiences good or bad, but mostly bad treatment fro white families. I cried at the way whites treated blacks. I cried at the love the black maids had for the white babies they raised. Yet, their courage to face adversity in their lives is to be applauded.

Five Stars and my favorite to win an Oscar this year.

Movie: Kung Fu Panda II

A peacock is out to conquer China and stop Po from stopping him. This time, we learn more about Po's past, where he came from and what happened to his parents. Po still clueless to danger in front of him. This is a funny sequel. 

Three Stars.

TV Series: Downton Abbey

Lady Mary said yes to Matthew Crawley!!! And that's how Season Two ends. However, John was done having any sympathy for John Bates who now looks to spending life in prison for allegedly killing his wife. Sir Richard is no longer engaged to Lady Mary and very well could expose her secret to the entire country but who cares! She's got Matthew and unfortunately, Ms. Swire is dead as well as William. I don't know when Season three begins but I know it is not soon enough. I am going to watch this season over again! It was Spectacular!

Five Stars!!!

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