Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

John and I were stunned when my in Laws out of blue, (today) blurred out, "hey, what do you guys think about Whitney Houston dying?" John and I had no clue she passed on the Lord yesterday since, we don't turn on our TV on weekends.

I have been reading news she was to perform at the Grammys and even though, I have stop watching the Grammy's a long time ago, it was nice to hear Whitney Houston was again singing and out of her addiction after all, those who grew listening to 80's music couldn't escape her beautiful voice on the radio. She was different from the others; she was not like the rest who were out there to shock the world; she used her talent and voice to influence those in her community; she was indeed a lady.

We all make mistakes in life, those who say they don't are bigots and Whitney tried her best to kick her addiction. I pray the Lord has her in her mercy. Thank you for beautiful voice. (I still have her/45's)

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