Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Things About Me Today

1. I start a "Grief" class on Tuesday. I have anxiety about it and I'm even feeling nervous. I'm not playing the victim card but I'm seeking answers. Let's just say I'm in the "Anger" stage after a year and a half. I know grief can last for years but I can't live like this anymore, I need answers and peace; I have grieved my cousin for 15 years now and I believe I have just found peace with it. I'll write about more this next week.

2. I'm really excited about going to my brother's wedding in June! John and I have decided to make it a mini-vacation and visit his brother down in Corpus and take the girls to the beach! I've found this little boat pirate family friendly show, I hope is good. The last boat pirate show John and I were was in Cancun and it was so much fun, I think all the free alcohol they give you makes you think is fun, who knows! but I think overall, I'm just ready to leave Dallas for a little while.

3. This month is busy to say the least. I love to volunteer but I do have to do a better job on balancing my time. We have a Retrouvaille post talk to do, then I have volunteer for the Wine Gala event at my daughter's school, then our parish called us to see if we would be interested in being facilitators for engaged couples and guide through that process. Then, I have to find time to get swimming classes schedule for the girls and gymnastics. Then I have a Tamale party with my Latina group. I need to buy time.

4. South Beach is going well. This week we discover Turnips. Who ever thought this vegetable was so good and full of so many vitamins, low in carbs and so fulfilling! Forget potatoes, we got turnips, how about you!

5. Raquel's recovery was a looong one! She was fuzzy and cranky all week. I think today was her best day and she's finally breathing and blowing her nose to get all that junk out of there. It is so hard to see ones kids in so much pain, one wishes to take it away from them but going through this can make you stronger for what's coming up ahead.

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