Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dr. Laura

After reading the article “Babies Need Love, Not Day Care” on Dr. Laura’s blog, I agree wholeheartedly that babies don’t belong in day care. Now, not everyone is blessed to be a stay home mom. Some are single mom’s who have no choice but to keep their kids in day care while they work full time to bring home the bread and keep a roof over their heads. After I delivered Sofia, I did not want to return to work. I didn’t want to leave her behind. But I am blessed to have my mother who lives with us who couldn’t wait to take care of our little angel. My mother told me that she would take care of Sofia just like she did when she had me. I come back to work with a sense of piece. Now, my mother has not promised to do this up until she goes to school. And when that happens, I do intend to quit my job, I just cannot picture anyone else taking care of Sofia. I rather sacrifice everything but not my daughter.

Now, John is not a big fan of Dr. Laura after she said this “grown man shouldn’t be playing computer games or any of the sort, that’s an immature thing to do” I agree!
I love John but I think that playing all these stupid games, yes, I said stupid is a waste of time and most importantly Family Time. I didn’t mind it when we didn’t have Sofia, but now, I think it is a waste of valuable time away from things that do matter. John has tried to get me to play these games but it is just not me. I think I quit after I successfully beat Pac Man, we are talking back in the 80’s, now; I play Solitaire once in a long while when the computer is slow. I’d rather play board games, it gets everyone involved and it is much more fun. See ya! S.S.

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