Monday, December 15, 2008

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Yay! The most wonderful time of the year is here! We went Sunday to the Richardson Santa Village to check out the lights and the festivities and also to get a free photo-op with Santa!! Yay, did you know North park was charging like $35.00 smackers just to sit with Santa....SIKE!!! Free is always better! I know I'm cheap, but I work hard for my money! Besides who wants to pay 35.oo bucks if you are in a hurried assembly line...

Here's Santa's Crib!!!

Hey!!! Santa! Its me your breath with the other kids, I've been the best behaved...huh?? What one time???? Oh... you remember that huh? ........Why you bringing up Old stuff Santa? Dang!!!

Santa's security guard...

Ok! This is Santa's House

I love this tree, they have a mega power station beneath it. It takes some juice to power up this baby. It puts my little random lights (what ever was in storage) at the house to shame. I will save the awesomeness for another post. - John

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